Do you know your Pantones, and have all your CMYK's in a row? We're looking for a print focused designer to join our Kelowna team (web design experience is always a plus!).

What you probably don't know about us is that our design teams work is virtually everywhere you look... We don't brag, and put pride aside for what's best for the client and their needs (and like maintaining our secret identities). We are a full service agency from head to toe, banana to banana end, and aren't looking for diva's or divo's.

One of the pleasures of us being a full service agency, is well.. Just that. Each work day is pretty drastically different from the next as far as what you're working on. One day you're designing logo concepts for a spankin' new brand, the next you're creating concepts for neon signs, and shortly after that you're making a booklet for what makes Real Estate great. Get the feeling we need a diverse designer? Good...

So do you want to work with us? Follow along with our checklist first.

1. You're alive.

2. Okay, you're really breathing? Good... We don't hire zombies. Go away Stefan, we told you not to bite Mickey but you couldn't help yourself could you!

Not that checklist? HR told me we can't discriminate against the undead, so you're back in the game Stefan. Here's the real checklist...

  • You're fluent in the common use products in the Adobe Suite, and completely competent and talented in Illustrator, InDesign, and Photoshop.
  • You know your colour theory, and you can spout off what makes that particular tint/hue/shade the right selection for the job.
  • You have a strong knowledge of typography, and love putting it to use.
  • You're as equally comfortable working on a poster of two red wing blackbirds fighting a giant robot as you are a multi-page brochure for a bank. 
  • You have a moderate to high interest level in working with our brand strategists to create unique visual identities for our clients.
  • You're not afraid to talk to clients, and give a well thought out logical explanation of why you made the choices to end up at the presented product.
  • You don't get hurt feelings if you're asked to go back to the drawing board. Not everyone wants the Mona Lisa, some prefer the Jackson Pollock.
  • You love what you do, and you can create something marvelous in a timely manner.

If all of this sounds like butterflies in July, you would probably love to work with us and we would like the opportunity to talk to you.

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